We kindly ask for a consultation as early as the development phase! It is a MUST!

Without a sample print on the lens foil (additional costs) no production will be started. Production start is only possible after inspection of the sample by the customer.

Metal-coated paper

On one side the paper has silver coloring (luminous), the back is matte white. On the silver side: CMYK + base white color (5 colors). The base white print shields glitter, without it sparkling comes through.

Transmittal: CMYK composite in .pdf format. Base white as the 5th color.


Transmittal: CMYK composite in .pdf format. To strengthen the colors in case of a crystal clear color a white base print is needed. Denote this as the 5th color. Partially printing of this 5th print layer results an interesting possibility. The corresponding transparency of the given color can be enhanced by the contrast of the other (heavier) colors.

Hybrid coating

("orange peel" effect)

Transmittal: CMYK composite in .pdf format. The 5th and 6th colors are for matte and gloss finishing.

Important hints